Personal Narrative: Growing Up Without A Home

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At the beginning, I was a little kid, and my parents got divorced. when I was a baby, I had to go to live in Ukraine with my grandpa and grandma. I just wanted to get that out of the way.I don't know much about that, but I know enough. This event has changed my life forever because I was growing up without a father and I feel like if my parents didn't get divorced than my life would be at a different point. I feel like that If my father was with me and my mom than we would be doing better than before. A couple years later I went back to Detroit with my grandpa. I got settled there with my mom and my grandpa was with me as well. For the kids in Detroit it was summer break so that means that I had time to pull myself together and try to survive…show more content…
And of course, my mom was on board, however she didn't know how to confront me with that. When my mom to me what was going to happen. I was ready to die of sadness. I kind of felt heart broke and I felt depressed because I knew that I was going to restart my life and It was really hard to leave my friends and Detroit, my home and everything. And to make the bad news even worse the car ride from Detroit to Chicago was 5 hours. Then the next day we were selling all the furniture and packed all our things and ready to…show more content…
That goes for my mom as well she wasn't very happy on her own and my stepdad came into her life and he helped her out and I became happy for her because she was happy. As I said earlier in this memoir. My life and my mom's life had changed forever because of my dad and we had our life improved because my stepdad came into her life and I will never forget the day how my mom and I met my stepdad. The life lesson I learned from this memoir is that good people will change your life
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