How Did My Papaw Change My Life

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Everyone has someone in their life that gives them a great amount of inspiration. The people that have given me the most inspiration are my Grandparents. My Mamaw has done a great deal for me in my life. My Papaw has done something with his life that nobody expected him to do. My Grandparents have greatly changed my life. If it was not for them, I would not be the person I am today. My Mamaw is a great person inside and out. My Mamaw has been very generous to me throughout my life. She has basically raised me from the day I was born. She shows her generosity throughout every aspect of her life. One cold day a emaciated little dog showed up at her house, now most people would have taken it to the pound but no not her. My mamaw decided to care…show more content…
My papaw is a shining example of what hard work can get you. Growing up, my papaw had a very hard life, filled with hand-me-downs and a low food supply. Life was hard and bills were high. Education wasn 't a high priority in his family, so he found no reason to go on with high school. He decided to get a job at a gas station, but after a while he thought long and hard about the direction he wanted to go with his life and that he wanted his children to have all the opportunities they wanted. That was when he and his brother came up with an idea. An idea that would morph into a thriving business. They decided to start H&H Industries in Oak hill at first a small one room building, then growing into a huge building and garage with profits soaring through the roof. Through this my papaw has shown me that working hard can get you anywhere you want to go in life. He has shown me how much hard work and determination mean. What it means to truly work hard for something. I look up to my papaw in the sense that he started from nothing and went so far. I try to live my life this way as well, working hard at school and at everything else I do in my life. My papaw has made a lasting influence on my

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