How Did NASA Space Exploration Affect Science Fiction?

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Just for a second close your eyes and think about all of those cool space movies that intrigue you the most. For my Star Wars and Star Trek fans let me say this first. Yes those movies were in fact science fiction; although, how cool would it be to have all of those cool gadgets and be able to travel off planet and see other stars and galaxies. I believe that the abandonment of NASA space program was a mistake for the reason that all of our problems that we have on in terms of wealth, resources and cultural conflict could be answered with what might be in space. Before the idea is immediately struck down lets’ turn back the clock about 60 years. The thought of landing a man on the moon within a decade to many science fiction writers would have seemed comical. But little did they know that fiction was about to become their reality.…show more content…
This also was the double edge sword back in the 60’s. Then it was the race to beat the soviets to the moon after they were the first to orbit with Sputnik. John F. Kennedy brought to life the goal “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the earth and returning him safely,” before being assassinated and leaving his successor to cement his goal into his memory. After the successful mission to the moon the focus of interstellar aviation became clouded with other national priorities. In an article it says “At its peak during the Apollo years, NASA consumed over four percent of the entire federal budget” (Simberg, Rand. "NASA Needs a Clear Vision for Its Future.") One of the greatest achievement in human history was done in a matter of 10 years. Imagine what we could accomplish with that much public involvement and government aid. What if society was as excited and persistent about when the next Iphone coming out? As “when and where are will we go
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