NAACP Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

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NAACP ‘s Influence on Civil Rights Movement. Introduction. Approximately 100 years following the emancipation proclamation, the colored people that lived in the southern states still experienced a significant amount of unequal world comprised of disenfranchisement ,segregation and different types of oppression such as violence that was race inspired. The Jim crow laws at both the state and the local levels denied the African Americans from bathrooms and classrooms, from train cars and theaters, from legislatures and juries. The supreme court in 1954 eliminated the separate, but equal act a which formed the basis of discrimination (Calabrese,2014).This drew both national as well as international attention to the plight of the Africa-Americans. For the next ten years, civil rights activists used civil disobedience and non-violent protests to force change. Several leaders of the colored community rose to prominence during the civil rights movements including Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa parks. The NAACP The NAACP stands for the national association for the advancement of colored people. It is a group that was founded in…show more content…
The organization, therefore, played a significant role in the civil rights movements as indicated by the opposition to the introduction of racial segregation into the policies hiring and offices of the federal government.By the begging of 1960, the group has approximately 6000 members and over 50 branches across the nation(NAACP,2013). The high numbers enabled the organization to be influential in winning the rights of back people to serve as officers during the World Wars. In the subsequent years, the group played an increasingly important role in organizing nationwide protests that included marches in many cities against the silent movie by DW Griffin Birth of a
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