How Did Najmah Change In Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) In the beginning of the book, Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples, Najmah lived a simple and normal life, but soon found out that her life was nowhere close to normal and started to loose the people she loved, which shaped her all throughout the story. (BS-1) Najmah first started to face harsh conflicts and losses at the beginning of the story which affected her negatively. (BS-2) Towards the middle of the book, Najmah had went through many losses but had started to fix them. (BS-3) At the end of the book, Najmah had been shaped positively and she became stronger from all the losses she had faced throughout the book. (TS) Najmah’s life had been affected through impactful losses that she faces throughout the story. (MIP-1)…show more content…
(SIP-A) Najmah is starting to trust Nusrat, she’s is regaining the ability to trust again. (STEWE-1) When Nusrat finds out that Najmah is actually a girl, she shows a similarity between them. “She opens her own hand and shows Najmah her own calluses in identical places on her fingers” (Staples 194). Najmah and Nusrat both have similar hardships that they have went through. (STEWE-2) Since Nusrat protected Najmah from her uncle, she knows that Nusrat can be trusted. Like shown before, Najmah is beginning to trust Nusrat. “The moment Bibi Nusrat refuses to allow Uncle into her garden, I am sure that I can trust her” (Staples 221). On page 221, Najmah has fully regained the ability to trust in trustworthy people like Nusrat. (SIP-B) When Nur returned from the Taliban, Najmah’s new life started to begin. (STEWE-1) Najmah is surprised and shocked but happy when Nur comes back. “I am not aware of anything in the world except that Nur is here at last” (Staples 251). Najmah is not only shaped negatively by her father and Nur leaving, but she is also shaped positively because they (Najmah and Nur) both return to each other more mature and stronger than before. (STEWE-2) Nur helps Najmah make the decision to return to Kunduz instead of going to America with Nusrat, which could possibly create more problems for Nusrat. “‘Uncle or someone else surely will take our land if we don’t go back. It was our father’s last wish that we could keep our farm from the hands of the Taliban or Uncle… We must do everything to obey our father’s wishes, no matter what the cost. If we do not, we may as well die’” (Staples 256). Even though Nur says this, Najmah feels the same way, she is responsible to go back to their homeland to take care of it, just like their ancestors have done. (CS) Through all of the losses that Najmah was shaped by and faced,
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