How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Prevent The French Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military leader who took to power after the French Revolution was ready to conquer Europe. One major country was standing in Napoleon’s way, Russia. Russia is the largest country in Europe, and would have provided Napoleon with extreme advantages in military conquest. Napoleon’s defeat in Russia is significant because it prevented his reign from conquering Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte rose through the ranks of his military school the College of Brienne. There is a big turning point in Napoleon’s life while attending his military school. Bonaparte was intensely ridiculed and teased for his small stature he was even nicknamed “Little Corporal”. “As a lonely cadet who was often teased by his fellow students, he became…show more content…
The French Revolution was a time of chaos and bloodshed. “All over France, from Paris to the smallest hamlet, the summer and spring of 1789 was the occasion of a total and unprecedented collapse of centuries of royal state-making” (McPhee 56). Peter McPhee sees the year of 1789 as the point of the French Revolution where the collapse of the royals finally takes place. The terror that had taken over France during the revolution caused the people to cry for peace. “Almost as frightening for the citizens was the uncertainty: as the laws changed, so there were more crimes” (Hunt 63). The crime in France rose extremely high because of the state that the country was in during this time period. People were afraid for their lives not only from the revolution and the unknowing of the future, but that their own countrymen were committing crimes against their own people.France near the end of the revolution was in complete shambles. The French people were in dire need of a leader, although they had overthrown their government they quickly realized that they were extremely worse off post revolt. Napoleon Bonaparte knew that this was the perfect time to seize control of
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