How Did Napoleon Break From The Aims Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was a singular event in human history. Its importance to humankind is plain. The Revolution was each outstanding and horrific, in its scopes and its realities. Thus, one will see there are several contradictions regarding the evolution of events within the revolution, for it 's a complex chain of historical events. There are several opinions when discussing events that followed, particularly when relating the reign of Napoleon I. Some historians state that the leader broke from the aims of the Revolution, whereas others state that he continued the goals of his revolutionary predecessors. The period that this paper will arrange to analyze focuses on Napoleon’s reign, and discusses how the leader each continued and broke from the aims of the revolution so as to ascertain a robust Empire. The…show more content…
Eventually, the commonalty withdrew from the Estates General and became the National Assembly, and shortly met to try to determine a constitution. By August 26, 1789, it passed the Declaration on the Rights of Man and of the citizen, which secured freedom of faith and press, and equality before taxation and also the law. These freedoms are historically referred to as the main aspects or accomplishments of the revolution. If one believes that reforms are the foremost vital aims of the Revolution, then one will argue that Napoleon had attempted, in fact, to continue his goals towards the revolution. The man himself sought-after to decree the simplest way that reconciled authority with political and social reform. Once Napoleon took over a disordered state within the starting of the nineteenth century, he had declared, “The Revolution is made fast on the principles on which it began; the Revolution is finished,” an announcement that is as advanced because the times delineated within the opening
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