How Did Napoleon Change The French Revolution

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The French Revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, a military genius, stepped in and dismantled the Directory, which promoted middle class interests, and helped with financial crisis and food shortages. Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France, and made a new social order called the Napoleonic Code. Although there may be many reasons he reversed the spirit of the French Revolution, he modernized and changed the political and social construct immensely, for the good of France. The main trait that Napoleon is known for is his genius military mind. He studied at a military school and was an officer by the age of 16. Anything that was thrown his way, his Grande Armee could defeat or overcome it. One of the only things he truly cared about was his strong army, and he did everything in his power to connect with his men. As said in Sources of the Western Tradition Volume II: From the Renaissance to the Present, ”Recognizing the importance of good morale, he sought to inspire his troops by appealing to their honor, their vanity, and their love of France.” (Sources 112). His greatest victory was the battle of Austerlitz, in 1805. This battle against Austria resulted in the forcing of them to sign a Treaty, and for the Russians to retreat. He disbanded the Holy Roman Empire, and established the Confederation of the Rhine. This victory almost resulted in Napoleon being the “master” of Europe. These victories also helped the debt from before the French Revolution, and made France
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