How Did Napoleon Changed The World

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The Men Who Changed the World
Although we typically think of history as a collection of experiences recorded by individuals, it is rather a road that has paved the way to where we are today; each event in history has affected us in some way today. There are many significant people throughout history– from leaders, to talented inventors, to philosophers. Two people who have significantly impacted the world today are Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great. They have found themselves influencing cultures and people around the world. Both men have introduced new ideas to the world, controlled vast amounts of land, and created a name for themselves in history.
Napoleon Bonaparte was a crucial military figure during the Napoleonic Wars and a significant ruler during the French Revolution that restored France’s post-revolutionary ideals. At the start of his career, Napoleon was a second lieutenant in an artillery regiment of the French army. As time progressed, he quickly moved up the ranks, going from a brigadier general to first consul (, 2016). Then in a political advantage, Napoleon used his power to recreate a lot
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Napoleon had a positive influence on the French through his expansive career; he had more wins than Alexander the Great, Caesar, and Hannibal combined (, 2016). He also created a new Napoleonic Code that is still in use in the Western World (, 2016). Alexander the Great was a very influential man in Asia and was the greatest leader of his time period. He also spread the cultures of the people he conquered, which helped countries trade and prosper. Together these men have changed the world through their efforts and helped create our world today. Although Alexander the Great and Napoleon are no longer alive, the stories, impacts, and legends of their success will live
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