How Did Napoleon Contribute To The Congress

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Franklin attended the Albany Conference in June of 1754, after the war ending with France, where the safety of the Six Nations and Franklin’s country were discussed amongst the congress of commissioners. As for the commissioners for Pennsylvania, it was Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Norris, Mr. Penn, and Mr. Peters. Benjamin had then made a project in which allowed just one government to fuse together all of the other colonies. After he showed his project with Mr. Alexander and Mr. Kennedy, he then showed the congress, this was a good decision by Franklin because all the other commissioners were drawing up the same ideal plans. During this time, Franklin’s plan was reviewed heavily by the congress and countless oppositions resulted from it. After all plans…show more content…
Benjamin’s curiosity is shown during this becuase he starts making his own experiences and he became curious about more and began to have many experiments he performed. After performing his own experiments, he began writing about what happened during them. Benjamin’s next calling was to go to England and be an agent. Benjamin was helping the new governor, Captain Denny, by helping the colonies. During the course of the book, Benjamin can be described as a man whose work ethic is driven to help things around him become better. Also, he was a major leader in this book and always wanted to help others and when he was called to lead the military he did. Benjamin Franklin has played in multiple roles that helped make the world as it is today. I see Benjamin Franklin as a role model to anyone and everyone that wants to lead and work their hardest to make a difference in this world one day and also a role model to those who want to always put the world and others before them. Benjamin Franklin is a great man and a very important founding father of the
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