Nathaniel Bacon Does More Harm Than Good

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Sabeena Jagdeo
Nathaniel Bacon Nathaniel Bacon to the common eye “was a young bold active”(2) person who held great honor and esteem among the people”(2). He grew up in the Inns of court in England, and has been in Virginia only three years prior to his rebellion. He established a strong reputation amongst the townspeople, and was every way qualified to be part of the council. Nonetheless he is not all that he established himself to be. As Governor I have caused no corruption since I have been leading our country, for thirty years; Bacon has been here no more than three years, with unknown qualities, and false information about his victories, and has already committed treason against his sacred majesty, and this country. He is not the honorable man that his followers hoped
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It was all for a personal gain that just entirely corrupted our country. He was only trying to overthrow me, and become the general of defeating the Indians. Even when he did name himself the “General by Consent of the People”(8) during the rebellion; he did not consult with any of his followers. This further illustrates my point, that all Bacon cared about was defeating my authority, not encountering “the greatest difficulties and dangers”(3) for his followers.
Nathaniel Bacon was not an honorable man that he perceived himself to be. He led the rebellion for his personal gain, to become general and act on my authority. He did not care about helping the citizens of our country. Once he died however, his rebellion was defeated because his followers had no one to lead them into corruption, and the council and I worked to restore peace, that was part of our country for thirty years prior to Bacon 's rebellion. In the end our country was uncorrupted and functioning the way it should have been for those three years that Nathaniel Bacon inhabited our
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