How Did Nationalism Affect Canada

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How Nationalism Shaped Our Wold Nationalism has had an arguably equal effect on the world as war, depression, militarism and other worldly issues have. During both world wars nationalism was a key spark in igniting tensions between Germany and Russia, Austria-Hungary and Serbia, China and the United States, and many other nations and colonies involved in the war. The people and establishments of each country united out of pride and determination to protect their way of life. French-Canadian nationalism has been present for hundreds of years as well, although it wasn’t directly affiliated with a war, events during both wars caused the intensity to surge. The conflict started in the early 1520’s and still has significant presence in Canadian society. There are many events in history that have increased the level of nationalism in French Canadian areas, especially Quebec. French Canadian people of Quebec generally feel like they deserve to have their own culture while being isolated from the rest of Canada. In Canada there are hundreds of different cultures in every city; with little to no pressure for other cultures to assimilate, drop their traditions and have their own distinct society, Quebec’s people should feel no different. Nationalism has been politically, economically and socially influential in Canadian society for many years. It…show more content…
French people feel that their needs and language rights are superior to those of other areas in Canada. The nationalism in French Canada is an unnecessary and harmful form of patriotism as is effects the government and relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada. The nationalistic views the Quebec people support show their desire for Quebecois people to unite and prosper as an independent nation separate from the rest of Canada, if this was to happen Canada’s economy, businesses and society would be affected for

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