How Did Nationalism Cause Ww1

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Nationalism, Militarism, and the alliance system combined with the spark of a tragedy was all it took to throw the world into a blaze of chaos. From assignation combined with rivalry spawned a conflict that no nation in the world would be free of. The rivalry between the countries of Europe creating militaries inflated to sizes never need other than to be to bigger army. The nationalism putting stress onto the people and leaders of each country, as pride in one’s nation shifts from a force for good to a cause of war. The alliance system aided by Nationalism and Militarism caused one of the largest conflicts of the world. Nationalism, the pride in one’s nation was a decisive factor in the many causes in ww1. Nationalism can be a good…show more content…
This feeling radiates though the leadership of the country and can be a causing factor of hostilities between nations. This on its own could not create a war as large as ww1, simply the world was set and staged for war and at the core nationalism was degrading the foundations of peace. Militarism, a competition between countries as to who has the largest military was a large factor in the scale of the war and the lives lost. Years prior to the war there was a steady growth in the military strength of all European nations especially those who were involved in ww1 and neighboring one another. As combinations of militarism and nationalism creates a deadly tinder pile ready for a spark. The assassination of Archduke Frans Ferdinand became not only a spark but a fire between nations. Soon as the war broke out in Europe between Hungary and Serbia it was not long after until more nations were pulled into conflict. A system designed to encourage peace, The Alliance System became a driving cause for war for as more and more countries entering the war pulled
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