How Did Native Americans Develop Their Culture

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American Indians in the West have created tribes have created their cultures many years before the first European settlers arrived.The speculations on whether the Indians were “vanishing” due to their inability to adapt to modernity and died out proved to be untrue.Native Americans were living pleasantly the way they were before they were introduced with the plague that came to be the first Europeans. The first permanent settlers in New England began arriving around the time of 1620.The Europeans wanted to live in peace with the Indians.Yet, problems began almost immediately. Perhaps the most igniting was the different views the American Indians and the Europeans believed about land.Europeans sought out wealth when claiming land, but the Indians believed that nature can not be owned and anyone who wanted to live on the land can do so.As the years passed, however, fear and a lack of understanding increased.Conflict drastically increased over time and soon violent wars began to break out between them.With the aid of diseases,the Indians began to decrease in population. As.As times went on and the Indians began to adapt and are still with us today.
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