How Did Nelson Mandela A Political Revolutionary?

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Nelson Mandela left a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. Nelson Mandela, The revolutionary political activist became the first president of South Africa and largely impacted the lives and politics for the South African people tackling the issues of racism, inequality, poverty, and corruption in their government. Despite many hardships including imprisonment, hard labor, and being denounced a ‘communist terrorist,’ Mandela continued his efforts to later on benefit his people. What events inspired Mandela to become a political revolutionary? Why was Mandela imprisoned and what effects did it have on the African National Congress and the resistance? How did Mandela change South Africa and how did he himself change the world? Mandela’s inspiration was drawn from a variety of people and experiences throughout his life. From Mandela’s expulsion from Fort Hare alongside Oliver Tambo, Mandela’s friend and colleague for political activism to Mandela and his formal political work with the ANC and the South African liberation movements. Mandela’s experiences in Johannesburg and The Johannesburg Mines where Mandela was employed as a nightwatchman marked the beginning of Mandela’s formal political activism. The African workers in Johannesburg were given no rights with little pay, The African people provided inexpensive labor to the white-owned conglomerates present in South Africa. “White-owned companies that had become wealthy beyond dreams on the backs of the African people.”

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