Nelson Mandela And Rosa Parks Analysis

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What is racism ? We can define racism as the belief that there are differences between people or their abilities and traceable for belonging to a group or a race regardless of how the definition of the concept of race and this justify the treatment of individuals belonging to this group differently socially and legally.
We can also say that the term is also used to refer to the applying the treatment of a certain group of people differently and this is justified by resorting to discriminatory treatment based on generalizations and stereotypes by resorting to scientific fabrications. They all sense of superiority or behavior or practice or policy of marginalization and discrimination between human beings on the basis of color, or national
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First of all Mandela is the first black president of south Africa.
Elected in the first multi-elections and representative of all races. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of the apartheid system by addressing institutional racism, poverty and inequality and promote ethnic reconciliation. Politically, is an African nationalist and democratic socialist, he served as head of the ANC (African National Congress: ANC) in the period from 1991 to 1997. He also served internationally, the post of Secretary General of the Non-Aligned Movement from 1998 to 1999. Mandela worked as a lawyer and he got cought several times until he ended up in the jail 1962. After 27 years in the jail, mandela went out out in 1990 because of the effort of the campaign who crowd the government to send mandela free. And he countenuie his achievements.
Mandela had 250 awards , Nobel and US Presidential Medal of Freedom were from his awards. Mandela died 2 years ago at age of
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She had a harsh childhood and she has been throw a lot of influential positions , she grow up in the south areas of US that the racial discrimination was applied strongly.Under the laws of Jim Crow, black and white two communities was separate, governed by the laws of white society prefer the other, even in terms of transportation, it was the African-Americans to give up their seats for whites, but about the means of school transport, was not available for black Americans ndash; according to Parks- reported that the first times that have managed through them and they understand the difference, which was being between these two communities. Parks worked in many places such as nursing and cleaning the houses and then she copleted her education in high school although less than 7% of black people got the opportunity to study.In 1943 Rosa became active in the civil rights movement, joined later to the "National Association for the advancement of blacks", and was the only woman to Almanandmh Association at the time. In 1957, after Mrs. Parks lost her job and received death threats, she moved with her husband Raymond to Detroit, where she worked as an assistant in the office of a democratic congressman. In an interview with Ms. Parks she said about the famous protest: "The real reason behind the lack of I stood in the bus and left my seat is that I felt that I have a right
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