How Did Nikola Tesla Impact America

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The rapid change and growth of America was because of millions of immigrants coming here. Because of this influx of immigrants, it led to America’s Second Industrial Revolution. In this period, new machines were being built every day and technology was making everything more efficient. Immigrants were a key role in America’s rapid growth. Immigrants have positively affected America today in areas of technology/science, jobs, and religion. One immigrant that has positively affected science in America was Albert Einstein. His numerous scientific discoveries revolutionized the foundation of science. One major discovery he made was his general theory of relativity. He predicted that the force of gravity causes a curvature in space and time. The…show more content…
For one, Nikola Tesla has made countless inventions that affected the world. He invented alternating current, which was better and more efficient than Thomas Edison’s direct current. His AC electric motors were the main source of power for America. Also, Tesla invented the remote-controlled garage door opener. In addition to electricity, Tesla experimented with radio waves and much of Guglielmo Marconi’s, inventor of the radio, work was based off of Tesla’s research. Throughout his life, Tesla was granted 111 U.S. patents and every electrical appliance today uses at least one of Tesla’s inventions. In addition to how Tesla affected the world, Einstein left his mark on America’s technology and inventions. One major invention Einstein contributed to was the atomic bomb. The invention of the atomic bomb was a turning point in World War 2 when they dropped the bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic bomb forced Japan to surrender and end the war faster. Also, Einstein had a huge contribution to the invention of the television. His quantum theory of light made scientists better understand light and what it can do. This also led to modern day screen devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops (Advergize). Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein’s inventions and contributions to science and technology were
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