How Did Norman Borlaug Contribute To The Green Revolution?

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Norman Borlaug was an agricultural scientist who helped increase agricultural production worldwide because many countries were in famine during the 1960s to the 1980s. He also was one of the main contributors to the Green Revolution. Borlaug and other scientists were trying to find a fix for the agricultural struggle during this time. The Green Revolution was an agricultural movement where increased crop production increased saving the lives of the people in third world countries. The Green Revolution impacted and saved billions of lives through the development plant breeds, exchange of agrarian techniques, and increase of agricultural technologies. The change in agricultural growths was caused by a change in the 1968 U.S. food policy which…show more content…
During the Green Revolution, new types of crops were introduced called GRMV’s (Green Revolution Modern Varieties). These GRMV’s “included highly productive lines of rice and wheat” (“Green Revolution”) which means that poor countries could be fed faster. The GRMV’s increased population dramatically. Also, even Borlaug himself helped create a “high-yield, disease resistant [wheat] species that would thrive in its natural environment” (“Norman Borlaug”). This new wheat species helped Mexico to become self-sufficient and made it no longer necessary to import from other places. This wheat was cheaper to grow, grew faster than ordinary wheat, and made it unnecessary to use fertilizers. After, using the “new seeds and productive methods of the Green Revolution, many third world countries have become food exporters, altering world trade patterns of crucial interest to the United States” (“THE GREEN REVOLUTION BEARS FRUIT”). The Green Revolution not only helped some countries to become self-sufficient, it also helped some countries to be trade partners with the U.S. The U.S. helped them in a time of need and received a surplus amount of trade in

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