How Did Octavian Build The Roman Empire

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Octavian was a young Roman who grew up in Greece, and was later adopted by his grand uncle Julius Caesar. Octavian created the largest Empire of his time. Every thing he did to make the empire changed the Roman world. Later the Senate, the law makers of Rome, titled him Augustus, or “the imposing one”. He overcame many challenges to create the Roman Empire.Walking down the street everybody.If you 'd like The Republic was a group of patricians elected by the Plebeians, the common citizens. The republic did not have enough power for such a vast amount of land. It was corrupt by Rich business owners. They bribed the senate and the consuls to make taxes for their company so they would get even more money. The senators and consuls make up the republic. Octavian made himself senator year after year. Then both consuls died and they made Octavian consul. One year he told them he would give away his power but they refused and cave Augustus more power than a normal consul. The Republic helped create the roman empire through Augustus. “The Republic was now a vast, worldwide power under the absolute rule of one man, Octavian”(108 Thomson).…show more content…
The Triumvirate was a dictatorship ruled by a small group of people. In the first triumvirate was led by Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus. This had more power than the republic because there were three decision makers but the senate was still around which still had some power of authority of the law and war. While at war with Brutus and Cassius Lepidus got killed and Brutus was beheaded and his head put at the feat of a statue of Julius Caesar. later Antony met Cleopatra and went to stay in Alexandria. Antony humiliated Octavian many times. Octavian could not openly open war on Antony so he declared war on Cleopatra because he knew Antony would never leave her resulting in his death. The only leader after his death was
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