How Did Pablo Escobar Dehumanization

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Dehumanization: Pablo Escobar “The United States and Colombian governments consider Pablo Escobar, head of the notorious Medellín cartel, to be one of the most brutally ruthless yet ambitious and powerful drug dealers in history”(Banks). Born on December 1st 1949, Pablo Escobar began his career as a criminal by stealing and smuggling tombstones while still in school. He later entered the drug business by driving cocoa paste to Medellín. For years Pablo Escobar disrupted the lives of the people of Colombia, including John Jairo Velasquez, dehumanizing them with frequent violent killings and actions. Escobar was born in a peasant family and became a criminal at a young age. According to an article from the database ABC-CLIO, “In the early 1970s he entered the cocaine trade. His ambition and ruthlessness amid the cocaine trade would make him one of the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminals of…show more content…
Although he was not a direct victim of Escobar’s mass killings, his life changed because of Escobar. Velasquez was one of Escobar’s hit men. He is responsible for hundreds of murders in Colombia and spent 22 years in prison for it. According to CNN, “in jailhouse interviews, he admitted several times to killing about 300 people, including soldiers, police officers, rival cartel members and civilians. He also confessed to the killings of more than 3,000 other people, most of them civilians” (Colombia Frees Escobar Hit Man who Killed Hundreds). Velasquez was also responsible for kidnapping of Colombian presidential candidate Andres Pastrana in 1988 (Colombia frees Escobar hit man who killed hundreds). Escobar used Velasquez as sort of his “mop” to clean up all of his messes. If Velasquez did not comply, Escobar would kill him and immediately have a replacement. He was released from a high security Colombian prison on Tuesday August 26, 2014 (Colombia Frees Escobar Hit Man who Killed
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