How Did Pablo Picasso Impact Society

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It could be biased to say that Pablo Picasso was one of the best painter to ever live on earth. If Pablo wasn’t one of the greatest painters that impacted society, then who did? Van Gogh? Pablo Picasso education, childhood, philosophy, and influences may have made him who he was when he was alive yet one may not understand why he is the greatest until they understand a little about him before agreeing to my statement. When it came to schooling; Pablo Picasso was known to be a terrible student to classes. While Pablo was growing up as a child he lost interest in school so he resorted to sketching through each class that lost his attention. When Pablo Picasso reached his teens in 1895; he soon but himself into a fine art school in Barcelona, Spain where he retreated to his old habits and started to skip his classes. Then two years later he moved and repeated his old habits at Royal Academy of San Fernando. So, then he ran and joined an artistic spree of people where he learned from others about the arts on his own terms. Pablo Picasso was known to have a father with some artistic abilities and a mother …show more content…

The Blue period was a time in his life after the death of his friend were Pablo painted blues of the people and the poor. Pablo’s Blue Period lasted from 1901 to 1904. Then the Rose Period was in 1904 were Pablo became inspired and became more upbeat in his paintings. In the Rose Period; Picasso painted in pink and goldish tones of clowns and actors. Then came Cubism. In 1907 Pablo Picasso became obsessed with using geometric shapes causing people and things to become disoriented. One of the paintings that Picasso did in cubism was “Three Musicians”. Then Pablo Picasso last stage was Post-Cubism where he collaborated all his technics into one and made everything different colors and different meanings hidden within the

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