How Did Pearl Harbor Affect Our Lives

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Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, a day that will live on forever. Over 2400 casualties, over 65 civilians. 19 U.S. Navy ships. Imagine the amount of money lost. Over 6.5 million dollars today. A catastrophic event. The bombs and torpedoes were heard around the world. Not only did it affect Pearl Harbor itself but, all of America, specifically It impacted American civilians in a lot of ways. The first way that civilians were affected is that it made American Civilians want to dive straight into the war. Think about it, Pearl Harbor made America say “Okay let’s go, we can fight to.” In Fact at the beginning of the war only half of America cared. After Pearl Harbor Civilians wanted to fight back in any form. More people enlisted after Hitler attacked. ( We wanted to beat Hitler and Japan to the dust. That was the start of when we entered into WWII. The Second way that Civilians were affected by Pearl Harbor was our “personal economy”. In the 1930’s we came out of the Great Depression. Very few had jobs. American Civilians were a wreck. When WWII came only half of American wanted to fight Hitler. All of the sudden Pearl Harbor comes. America wants to fight back, but they need people to enlist and people to make supplies. Those people were American Civilians. According…show more content…
Now granted National debt started in the 1790’s( But debt wasn’t really serious or big. According to The National Debt before WWII was 1-3 Billion. In 1942 the national debt was 23 Billion. That is over 20 Billion more. In the next year it went to 63 Billion. 30 Billion more than the previous year! Which is 20 Billion that the year before. That’s 60 billion than the first year!! Think of that, just for a second. Once America got that big in debt we couldn’t ever get out of it. We just kept spiraling down. Now we have Trillions of dollars in debt. And it all started at Pearl
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