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Pearl Harbor was a day that was unexpected to all mankind. It was a day that President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed would "live in infamy." Way before the attack Japan had spies in flight to see how our ships were set up. This gave the Japanese an idea of how they were going to attack us. That is when it all happened, early Sunday morning of December 7, 1941. Paul K. Davis stated in his article, “Not until the bombs began to fall did the Americans respond” (Davis). The Americans were still asleep when the Japanese decided to attack us and bomb our ships. The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the most tragic days in our countries history.
In 1939, World War II began in Europe. Germany and Japan were both on the rise to power. According to the author “As Nazi Germany overwhelmed the Allied armies in Europe the following year, Japan pressed the opportunity further, signing a formal alliance with Germany and announcing its intention to expand the "East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” (Woods). This caused the Americans to feel threatened. As the Japanese advanced into North Indochina, the United States and Japanese relationship began to deteriorate.
In 1940, the United States imposed an embargo on the Japanese. It stopped the trading of goods to Japan. It halted the exporting of steel and fuel. This made the
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in the morning when they hit us. The men on those ships were woken up by the sounds of bombs and yelling. They had to quickly get dressed in their uniforms and arm up. It was not as easy as many think it was. They had to fill guns with bullets and set them up to fire at the planes coming through the harbor. “Only 38 U.S. aircraft were able to get airborne and engage the attackers, and 10 of those were shot down” (Davis). It was only 25 minutes until the second group of planes attacked. The second group came in at exactly 8:45am. Even though they were not successful, they still made a big impact in the damaging of our

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