How Did Pearl Harbor Change American History

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It was a cloudy morning, most men up and lounging around and some on duty. You could barely see the sun shining through the thick clouds. You could though, hear the buzz of a plane when flying through the thick white clouds.The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor and America had joined World War Two. The event that changed the course of American History. Many people were killed from the many bombs dropped upon Pearl Harbor, destroying many important battleships and aircrafts used in wars. After the bombing America´s course had changed into a war ground. During WWII and WWI America had tried to stay out of the war only giving support to Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, The Soviet Union, and China. But with the push from…show more content…
America was left out of the war until then leaving only America to defeat or join forces with. Japan 's idea was to weaken the U.S. and leave them with no choice except to surrender. America was “easy pickings” for Japan, due to Germany finishing of Great Britain and leaving half of Russia and America to deal with. It was meant to be the end of the war many cities in ruins over the rule of the Nazi and Japanese armies that were almost unstoppable. In spite of Japan 's doings which in fact lead us into participating in the war the Pearl Harbor attack did indeed change America’s history. Mainly giving America a rough patch and many hardships. Although it did give courage to our country while also believing that this war was the first of many more to come. In the final analysis, Japan’s actions in Pearl Harbor did indeed change the course of America’s history. Just think how would it be if Pearl Harbor hadn’t happened. To this day would we be under rule of Germany and Japan, How would it have been? Altogether this gave America the idea that we would be through many battles, wars, and hardships. It changed the idea America had that they were unstoppable. It was like a reality check for us all. I was the biggest event to change our
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