How Did Pentecost Spread The Holy Spirit

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Pentecost has come, The Holy Spirit Has Arrived

What Have We Been Waiting for?
The message of Pentecost is the message of the resurrection of Christ. Pentecost can be explained as the birthday of the church, where the apostles are empowered by the Holy Spirit go out and spread the good news of Jesus. Pentecost is a feast that celebrates the holy trinity and the coming of the Holy Spirit and the third person of the trinity.

What Has Happened?
Just the other day all of the disciples were gathered in a room, then suddenly the room was filled with a violent blowing wind that had come from heaven. The disciples saw tongues of fire that then came to rest on them. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to speak in their native languages as the Holy Spirit …show more content…

This event of the coming of the Holy Spirit is important to the church because the Holy Spirit becomes a part of us when we are baptised and become Christian, it helps us to understand that Jesus died and rose from the dead for us. The Holy Spirit connects is with god and brings us closer to him. At the time of Pentecost people were Christians but they had not yet received the Holy Spirit so when Pentecost came they were filled with the Holy Spirit, thus this is why it is so significant for the church.

What was the Persecution?
During the first centre groups of Christians had developed and where spread throughout Rome. Around 64 AD the emperor Nero blamed innocent Christians for a fierce fire that immersed the city. This was when St Peter and Saint Paul were martyred, meaning that they were killed because of what they believed in.

How were they Persecuted?
Many christens living around this time were put to death, and thousands were made to be items of amusement. They were torn to death by animals some were crucified and many were also set on fire. People were punished for the amusement of and individual. Thousands of Christian were martyred by the roman

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