How Did People Contribute To Ww2

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World War one started at different times for different nations but the war in general did last from 1914 to 1920, in this war there was not just one reason that lead to the war, rather there was other reasons that contributed to the people wanting to go to war. World war One is can also be called ,The Great War, due to the fact that it was the worst war that world had ever experienced. In this war many people were killed, in fact more people in this particular war died than any other war known to men. In the process of the war 2% of the world's population was gone, not only did soldiers die but a pretty good amount of civilians died as well, and by civilians I mean people like the nurses that helped with aiding the wounded soldiers. Even worse, …show more content…

Getting back to the general topic of the war and how badly it affected the how the world lost their “innocence,” the war was fought with machine guns and poison gas and with that you can say that because of the amounts of deaths whole generations and towns were killed even going so far to say that those villages don’t exist anymore. There was sixteen million or more people were killed and twenty-one million people were injured and that’s including both old men and boys. The war ended on november 11, 1918 at 11 p.m and both sides decided to cease fire but they didn’t stop killing at that exact time because they didn’t get the agreement till afterwards. The united States went to a conference in paris for a peace treaty, and while there a man named David Lord George, a european leader, wanted to make a settlement to destroy

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