How Did Perseus Influence Greek Culture

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Ancient Greece is a place full of ,myths and legends. These myths and legends were created as an example for the people to live by. These myths and legends show the peoples cultures as well as their values. For example, Perseus was an important character in Greek mythology because he showed traits that were valued by the Greeks such as bravery and courage The heroes in these stories had special births and were aided by supernatural beings in order to complete their quest.

In the ancient Greek myths Perseus was a demigod. His father was was the God Zeus and is mother was Danae. His grandfather Acrisius locked Persues and his mother into a large chest and sent them out to sea. He did so because the Oracle of Delphi prophecized that Perseus was going to kill
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Perseus and his mother ended up safely island of Seriphos, where Polydectes ruled. The king's brother, Dictys, who was a fisherman, caught the chest in his net and pulled it to shore, freeing Danae and her son. Polydectes heard about Danae and asked her in marriage, but she rejected him. If it wasn't for Perseus, Polydectes would have married Danae by force; so the king decided to create a plan to get rid of Perseus. Polydectes pretended to marry the daughter of his friend. Everybody had to bring a wedding present, including Perseus. However, Perseus, being poor, had not brought anything, and Polydectes pretended to be furious. After a heated discussion, Perseus said he would bring him anything so Polydectes asked for the head of the Gorgon Medusa. H e then sets off on his quest and receives aid from two gods. Hermes offered him his winged sandals and the sickle that was used by Cronus to castrate
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