How Did Peter The Great Influence Russia

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Dylan Miller S. Martinez English IV Peter The Great The rule of Peter The Great, who became the only czar in 1696, he was set apart by a sequence of military, economic, political, and cultural reforms based on Western European copies. Peter The Great, as he becomes known, he leads his country into major conflicts with Persia(Lippincott 1). The Ottoman Empire, and Sweden. In these wars, Russian victories greatly expanded Peters Empire. Peter The Great was considered one of the greatest Czar of all of Russian history, he had many accomplishments like finding St. Petersburg, and The Grand Embassy which helped him become the man he was. Peter was born in Moscow, he was one of sixteen children,…show more content…
Peter The Great died in St. Petersburg in early 1724, in his small winter palace on the banks of the winter canal. He was the first Tsar to be buried in the imperial crypt in the Peter and Paul cathedral(Rowland 1). Peter The Great had a huge impact on Russian History. His reforms had the greatest impact on society. Peter the great was known for pulling Russia out of Medieval times so much that by his death, Russia was considered a leading eastern European state. He centralized government, modernized the army, and created a navy( Hughes 2). Peter The Great’s childhood changed and made his outlook on life and people stronger. His life was always threatened since his father died. When his father died it had a huge impact on him that changed his life forever. Peter The Great’s influences can still be seen today. St. Petersburg has many Historical Monuments and museums(Riha 1). Peter’s contributions to education and cultural reforms were a major part of his reign. This is most of the great, cultural achievements of Peter The Great in Russia. Peter The Great was a great role model and military leader. Although Peter impacted Russia negatively and positively through westernization and opening Russia to the West(Riasanovsky 1). Overall Peter had huge impact on
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