How Did Philip II Affect Spain

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During the early and late 15th century Spain was at a high point. Spain was the central power in Europe during that time and Spain was united under his father and mother,. Philip II reign began Spain's golden age. However, Philip II rule was not entirely beneficial for Spain. He injured Spain through heavy taxation and he caused the Netherlands to revolt impact on therefore he had a negative on Spain.

Philip II was born in 1527 in Valladolid Spain. His father was Charles V and his mother was Isabella of Portugal(OI). Charles V ruled Spain during early 15th and Philip the II became ruler in mid 1500s and he ruled until late 1500s to early 1600s(OI). Philip the II died on September 13th in 1598(OI). Philip was 71 years old when he died(OI). Also Philip the II ruled for forty plus years.
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“Philip the II succeeded his father as the sovereign of Spain,Sicily,MIlian, the Netherlands,France Carte Mexico, and Peru” ( Lincoln Library Press).” Although Philip’s region extended for over 40 years in many ways he never outlasted the enormous shadow of his father” (Lincoln Library Press). Charles V had a better reign and left spain in a much better place than Philip II.Charles V unparalleled successes in the New World, and kept Spain at the very pinnacle of world power, a position she did not relinquish for 100 years(World History in Context). Also Philip’s II rule was not as good as his father's rule was because Philip tried to force policies on to his people which Charles the V did not do(OI). Since Philip II tried forcing policies on The Netherlands, which made the Netherlands revolt and it allowed the Netherlands to gain their independence after a long war that took 82
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