How Did Police Pull Wayne Williams As African American

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Describe the circumstances that caused police to pull Wayne Williams over?

The police that staked out around the bridge heard something thrown off the bridge about the size of a body and saw Wayne Williams car slowly driving on the bridge that was rarely driven on.

Police found a victim’s tennis shoe, what was stuck to the tennis shoe? Why was this significant?

A bright red piece of fiber, and it was significant because the fiber matched the carpet fiber of one of Wayne William's cars.

Why did the FBI profile the killer as African American?

The police profiled him as African American because he was able to easily go into the neighborhood without seeming suspicious because he was also African American.

What fiber were police finding in many of the cases?

They had found yellow/green …show more content…

They linked Patrick’s death to the other victims due to the fibrous materials found on his body which were the same as the fibers on the other bodies.

What kind of car was Jojo Bell seen getting into? Who did the witness say was driving?

Jojo was seen getting into a station wagon with Wayne Williams driving.

Police held stakeouts by bridges over the Chattahoochee River. Why did Williams say he was in the area?

He said he was going to meet a girl to audition her because he was a music scout and that he was crossing the bridge to drive home.

Police stopped Williams when he crossed over the Chattahoochee River the second time, what did police find in Williams’ car? Why didn't the police arrest Williams that night?

They had found a rope,gloves, and a flashlight in Williams' car.

What caused police to reconsider Williams as a suspect? When the body was found in the water days after they heard something thrown in the water.

What type of evidence did police gather during a search of Williams’ house and car?

Fabric samples, hair from his dog, and blood stains were found in his house and

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