How Did Political, Economic And Social Change From 1820 To 1860

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Our nations strong will and determined attitude paved the road of early industrialization in the early and mid 1800 's. The steamboat, transcontential railroad, and Erie Canal were early accomplishments in transportation that began to push our country towards bigger and better feats. In the 1800 's American economy boomed, American affairs became more successful, And Americans began to disperse all across North America. The political, economic, and social changes brought about by developments in transportation from 1820 to 1860 caused the nation to prosper and spring towards our country 's long desired belief in manifest destiny. The rise of transportation mechanisms ultimately increased the employment rates and caused land ownership to become more common. When the railroad was first created in 1830 7,000 men were employed. Ten years later in 1840 the railroad labor force drastically increased by 13,000. Because of the rise in employment and wealth more men were able to buy land and therefore, vote. As the nation 's workforce began to work towards growing transportation the political idea of territorial expansion came to life. The government wishing to build a strong, steady source of revenue throughout the country…show more content…
The industrial revolution was the beginning of America 's first step in her constant race of exploration. The success that transportation brought to America provided new political advances and opportunities. Transportation allowed nationwide unity to become an idea as Americans realized that their fellow northern or southern citizen suddenly wasn 't so far away. Goods became more accessible and distribution of these demanded goods was made easier. Classes of people began to emerge making America more competitive and profitable. As Americans began to join a more common workforce of mobilizing the United States together we explored the meaning of a truly united nation. We learned what it looked like to be a part of a large network all across the
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