How Did Pompey Change Rome

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Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar. Three individuals that helped change Rome from Republic to Empire and had some of the biggest impacts on Rome. They were three of the most powerful leaders, and when their power and forces combined, the First Triumvirate started. Going from Republic to Empire, Rome went through many changes starting from individual influences, cultural and group influences, to taking on a whole new religion. “A triumvirate is a government by three people, all with equal power” (McGraw Hill 135). With these three individuals’ wealth and power combined together, it helped enable them to achieve their basic aims and dominate the political scene. However, when Pompey was defeated and Crassus was killed, everything was left…show more content…
The children were taught and raised at home, and taught by the Greek slaves. The boys were trained early to be soldiers, and the childhood age ended for them at 16, with a special ceremony to go along with it. Girls were to be married at age 14, but it was more common at age 12. By the A.D. 100s, upper class women began to receive more rights. They could attend races, the theater, and inherit, own, and sell land. Slavery was very common in the Roman families and Rome in general. Slaves were used as cooks, waiters, shop assistants, craftspeople, and so much more. The slaves soon became tired of this, and many began to revolt. The most famous was by the gladiator, Spartacus, who captured, crucified, and defeated many Romans. The city of Rome was known for theaters, governmental buildings, theaters, amphitheaters, and great magnificence. Despite Rome’s superlative looks, it did have its flaws. Rome became very overcrowded, busy, noisy, and many robberies and assaults took place. There was always and separation between the poor and rich. The rich lived comfortably with many luxuries, while the poor lived in homes such as “insulaes- poorly built apartments made out of concrete” (McGraw Hill 144)-and didn’t have many advantages. Their homes often set on fire as
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