How Did Ponyboy Become Greasers In The Outsiders?

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Ponyboy is an interesting character.He and his group of buddies were greasers. In the outsiders the greasers have a rivalry with the socs.Ponyboy was one of the only people that had a positive interaction with the socs so the question is while he was a senior was he still a greaser or did he turn into a socs.I am convinced that ponyboy stayed a greaser.

People would disagree with this statement they would instead go with the argument that ponyboy would be a socs.There are examples of why he wouldn't be a socs.One of these reasons is because all of his friends are greaser.Since all of his friends are greasers,and they have a rivalry with socs they will feel betraded if ponyboy were to go to there side.This is shown when in the book
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One last reason why Ponyboy would have stayed a socs is because Ponyboy never wanted to be a socs or a greaser.In the story Ponyboy didnt like the fact that they were greasers and socs and he had allwayss thought and dreamed about there being a place where there is no greasers or socs. Just people.In the story Ponyboy says “Well I wont but I gotta do something.It seems like theres got be someplace without greaser or socs, just people ordinary people.(84)This is a final reason why Ponyboy wouldnt be a socs.
People would think that Ponyboy would have become an outsider during his senior year.These reasons shows that these people were wrong.These explain why Ponyboy wouldn't he couldn't be a socs.Because of the rivalry,the fact that the socs wouldn't expect him and he didn't want to be one.Ponyboy would have been a greaser during senior
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