How Did Powell Clayton Win The Civil War

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Powell Clayton was a Captain who fought in the bloodiest battle known in American history, he fought for the Union’s side. He lived until he was 80 years old and remained leader until his death. He served as a Captain of the first Kansas infantry and as time went by he slowly rose beyond captain. He was relocated into Arkansas after the war. During the Civil War he decided to join the army. He served in the U.S. Senate for six years he was elected on January 11, 1871 But on March 17, 1871 he decided to resigned and later became director of the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad. On October 21, 1864 Clayton wrote a letter from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Gen. John Halderman about that he was not convinced by Gen. Marauder 's threats to attack Pine Bluff; he believed that Magruder was attempting to distract Gen. Price’s movements in Missouri. Clayton expressed hope that slavery would be abolished and that Lincoln would win the upcoming presidential election.…show more content…
The governor responded to the emergence of the KKK stronger than the governments of the south. He served mostly to Missouri and Arkansas, and fought at Wilson’s creek and after the capture of Little Rock in September 1863, was assigned the post at Pine Bluff. On October 1863, he repulsed an attack by Confederate General J. S. Marmaduke and for his actions caused Clayton to be promoted to Brigadier General of US volunteers in August 1864. After the long bloody war he was elected Arkansas’s Reconstruction Governor, and served til 1877. He was a member of the Republican National Committee in 1889 and also served as Ambassador to Mexico from 1897 until
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