How Did President Hoover's Policies Worsen The Conditions Of The Great Depression

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1.Identification and evaluation of sources

The investigation, examining the Great Depression in the United States from 1929 to 1939, starting with the October 24, 1929 stock market crash leading to the decrease in investment and spending, rising unemployment rate, and vast criticism of Herbert Hoover’s economic and political policies during the most detrimental recession experienced in the western hemisphere, will answer the question: To what extent did President Hoover’s policies worsen the condition of the Great Depression?

The primary sources that will be evaluated are Eugene Lyons’ Herbert Hoover: a Biography, providing insight on Hoover’s life before, during and after his presidency, and Michael Bordo’s the Defining Moment, the analysis of politics
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Admitting defeat was difficult for Hoover, though he was not successful in defeating the Great Depression, through his years of involvement he could be considered the godfather of the Good Neighbor Policy. Hoover was more invested in domestic affairs, and similarly to everyone else, he never saw concern in some conflict between China and Japan. Regardless of his good intentions, Herbert Hoover was not very successful when it came to bettering the situation of the Great Depression. His actions fell short and he was unable to fix the real problems, he managed to save people in other countries but didn’t do the same for his troubled country. It is significant, because it allowed for the following presidents to be more cautious when there is trouble on the horizon. It could be argued that no other president would have been able to get out of the great depression, however, that is untrue because though it would have been unlikely to fix a problem as large as the great Depression, and their actions would have set a good foundation for future
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