How Did Princess Diana Change The Royal Family

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Princess Diana “ One of the things our mother taught William and I was the value of doing good when no one is watching”. Prince Henry said this in an Interview in 2014, talking about his mother. Who is this you may ask? Princess Diana Queen of Whales, not only a queen but also a mother and a good friend, who made her audience adore her. It has been decades since her death yet her legacy only continues to grow. She has changed the face of the British Monarchy, impacted and has been a role model for people all around the world, and the way she helped others through her charities still live on. One of the things Princess Diana accomplished was how she changed the Royal Family. “ It’s vital that the monarchy keeps in touch with the people… also being much more open with their feelings” (Lyall 3). By showing emotions and being more relatable, people looked at the Royal Family differently. A better way that people felt that they were also very similar to most families in some ways. Citizens of England would say, “ She brought raw emotion to a buttoned-up country” (Lyall 3). The country always seemed uptight and perfect, but Diana tried making the country not seem that way and become more welcoming. Finally, she always put family first. “ She was passionate about helping others but royal commenters said motherhood was clearly the job she loved most” (Jones 4). It is important to not always focus on your job, and to put family first, which is exactly what she did. Therefore
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