How Did Proserpina Grow Back To The Sea Nymphs?

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Long ago, before the seasons existed, there was a young woman named Proserpina. She was cheerful, curious and innocent, but soon, that all would change. One day, at about noon, Proserpina went wandering on the seashore with the sea nymphs. Her mother begged Proserpina to stay close to the sea nymphs, as they would keep her safe. Despite her mother 's best attempts, Proserpina wandered into the fields to pick flowers without the safety of the sea nymphs. One of the shrubs was very beautiful and grew new blossoms upon being looked at. It was so marvelous Proserpina decided to pull the shrub and bring it home for her mother. As Proserpina pulled the shrub a hole started to form in the ground, it grew wider and wider until suddenly, at once,…show more content…
“I will be honest, and tell you the whole truth. For 6 months, I did not take even a bite of food, until this morning. They brought me a pomegranate, I had not seen fruit in so long, I could not resist it. I was just going to smell it, but next thing I knew my teeth were in it 's flesh! I did not swallow a morsel, but, I am afraid, six of the pomegranate seeds remained in my mouth.”

“Unfortunately my child,” exclaimed Ceres. “For each of the six pomegranate seeds that were in your mouth, you must spend one month of every year in King Pluto 's mansion”. You are only half restored to your mother, six months with me, and six months with King Pluto, for the rest of your life.”

Accordingly, after six months with her mother, it was time for Proserpina to return with Pluto. She returned to the spot where the beautiful shrub grew, once again, when pulling the shrub, a hole formed, and Pluto emerged. Proserpina was brought back to the mansion, it appeared the same as before, dark and lonely. But, this time Proserpina was not locked in a room, she had more freedom and was allowed to walk about the mansion. Proserpina was also allowed outside of the palace once a day, for meals, but only with Pluto 's guidance. This is also the time she could take go visit with her dearest mother, Ceres. One day, Proserpina decided she would try and
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“Hello,” said Proserpina quietly. “Don 't you think, since I will be living here for half of my life, that I should be able to decorate? I have nothing to do around here, except clean, it will keep me busy and I promise to make it look marvelous!”

Pluto thought for a minute, “Yes, you may decorate the mansion!” he said in what seemed to be a cheerful voice. “I wanted you here to make me a happier man and to relive my loneliness, perhaps decorating will help.”

“Thank you Pluto!” Proserpina said happily, as they conversed further about color schemes and new furniture.

In spite of the circumstances, with no one else to talk to, overtime Proserpina and Pluto became close. The mansion became a brighter and happier place, where Proserpina could welcome others. To show her how much things had changed, Proserpina invited her mother to visit the mansion. Sadly, her mother declined her invitation.

In the end, surprisingly, Proserpina decides to move into Pluto 's mansion and live with him all the time instead of the six months. He allows her total freedom in the mansion, where she can do whatever she wishes with her time. As more time passes, Proserpina and Pluto become close and form a relationship. The mansion, now a beautiful home, will soon be filled children running the halls, where they will live on to have a happy and
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