How Did Punk Rock Influence British Youth

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Popular music was a medium that was able to provide a widespread unified voice of protest. Political and social messages within popular music were seen prominently through genres that caused controversy and opposition. This essay will focus on punk rock which was a musical genre that emerged as a huge opposing force to both social and political aspects of the 1970s. In particular, the focus will be on British punk rock which was highly influential for British youth due to the dire economical circumstances of London at the time. British punk music grew largely out of the London-based pub rock scene of the early 1970s (Bennett, 12). Punk was a counterculture movement inspiring youth to rebel against the government, society and fashion. (CITE) This promoted the attitudes of creating original music, undictated by the corporate giants of the music industry. Punk rock rebelled…show more content…
(CITE) The impact of the punk rock movement is still visible in today’s society, as it redefines the mainstream pop music. Punk was simple in musical form, placing complexity within its social messages. The rebellion in punk music showed both political and social messages related to the musical industry as well as the social occurrences at the time. Hebdige, a socialist critique, suggests punk was “designed to undercut the intellectual posturing of the previous generation of rock musicians.” (CITE) Punk stripped down rock music back to its roots, loudness, three chords and a basic backbeat. The insistent sound of punk produced an “overwhelming sense of claustrophobia”, something not heard before. (CITE) This redefined the sound of pop music. The Sex Pistols perfected punk rock music, with their aggressive sound with anger-fuelled lyrics and offensive behaviours both on and off stage. Their fashion of torn clothing and self destruction finished this

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