How Did Puritans Affect American Culture

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There is no denying that all American history classes mention Puritans. They took a significant role in not only British history, but also American history. Why were they mentioned so frequently? There are mountains of other groups of early Americans. Why did people just mention Puritans instead of other. Everything started after the English Reformation. For the religions freedom, the first group of British started to leave to the new world. They are known as Pilgrims toady. Instead of giving up their religions in England, Puritans tried to purify the churches inside the country. However, they dejectedly started their journey to the new world later on. From then on, Puritans’ unique culture spread to the New England and they remained one of the dominant cultures until 19th century. Their lives had essential influence on the economic growth, religion culture and education of new colonies and early American culture. By 1629, fearing the punishment by God to the church of English, a group of rich Puritans got together and established Massachusetts Bay Company. And then they transported more Puritans through this joint stock company to their new colony——Massachusetts Bay Colony. Later on, the money that Massachusetts Bay Company gained became capital to create new lives in New English and as simulation of economics to all colonies. The government use the local taxes to build up churches and supported schools. One of the most powerful religious leaders at that time called
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