How Did Qiu Jin Influence The Rule Of China

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During this time period china was basically falling apart. The Chinese’s way how government had no set way, and was constantly being oppressed by foreign influence. Every part of their government was flawed. They began all these programs and laws in efforts to improve their country, but they soon abolished it all. They were sending children away to study in foreign nations. They abolished their laws in effort to win back the support of highly valued Chinese subjects. Chinese women were too having a tough time as well. They were dealing with maul practices such as foot bindings. This was a terrible practice which was extremely painful. They would take a girl as young as 4 years old and purposely break their feet. They would then bend their toes behind their feet because it was said the women with small feet were highly desire by the opposite sex. China had many things that need to be done in order to have a promising government.
Qiu Jin was stick of how women had become the slaves of men. Women were being told what to do in every single
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Qiu Jin said that we need to push out Manchus influences out of china. They wanted to put an end to the Ming dynasty. They had been invading the Chinese boarder of years, and frankly the Chinese had had enough of it. They thought that china needs to become china again. They believed that they need to rid themselves of all foreign influence, and get back to their roots in order to become a prosperous country. He as well thought that have a new government would succeed to jumpstart their country as well. He felt that if every person had a say in the government that people would become more involved in how things were run. Lastly Qiu Jin thought that everyone should have the same opportunity to the person to the right of him or herself. A person should be given the same chance given with hard word that everyone should have a place in
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