How Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Change

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Thematic Essay: Change -Julissa Norman

Change is inevitable, and throughout history need for change inspired actions of leaders during the society in which they ruled. Such world leaders that represented important changes were Queen Elizabeth and Isabella. Changes made by Queens Elizabeth and Isabella have had a lasting impact on their society such as their contributions in supporting exploration, to provide unity, and to lay strict laws going by their belief systems.

Queen Isabella Queen consort of Castile and Leon
Isabella of Castile was an intense ruler as Europe went from the Late Medieval times to the Renaissance; Isabella was ruler of Castile from 1474 to 1505, and she needed to battle a common war to secure her throne. Her marriage to Ferdinand II of Aragon started a thirty-five year joint guideline of a brought together Spain by the Catholic Rulers. Ferdinand and Isabella succeeded as joint sovereigns to the throne of Castile on the passing of Isabella's relative Henry IV in December of 1474. From 1481 the "Catholic Lords," as Ferdinand
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In spite of the fact that Elizabeth had diverse thoughts and declined to wed and therefore governed alone as Ruler of Britain for a large portion of a century. She would not be ruled by the statesmen and was in control of all the real strategies in Britain and in addition being the head of stable Government which had not been found in some time. In her part as Ruler, Elizabeth was conferred most importantly else to protecting English peace and dependability which she bite the dust through a considerable lot of her
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