How Did Queenie Valupides Kill Her Husband

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Queenie Valupides is a young lady that is a suspect in the killing of her husband. Queenie Valupides is guilty for murdering her husband because of the fact that she was home alone for ten minutes, they have had a fight just a few hours ago, and there is a pan cooking on the stove and nobody has been at the house for a few hours. There is no evidence to a person being in the house while she was away. Although mr. Volupides dead body gave evidence that he had been drunk. The police can look at the fact that she had been at the house before her friends.

Queenie had just left the club, she had just called her friends to come over for one more drink. Her friends recorded that they had arrived ten minutes before queenie. This gives queenie time to do her business then meet her friends the door. For example, she could have walked in and saw her husband just to walk up the stairs. She is already
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Viewing over the evidence the police said that she walked in, saw her husband vulnerable and drunk hits him over the head kills him and tells a lie to her friends. Then takes the pan washes it for her fingerprints to leave, then puts it on the stove claiming it was on when she walked in. Her friends in a drunken state believed her of course. They panicked the called the police claiming that he fell off the top of the stairs.

Just like in all murders there is always a reason to why they suspect is not guilty. People are willing to argue with the fact that she is guilty. They, being her friends say that she was with her. They believe that she would have no notions to kill her husband. Her friends tell the police that she was a chick, not a murderer, she was not capable of murdering anybody. Her family claims that they had contact with her at that time. That she was in tears and she didn't know what was wrong with her husband, why is he being so
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