How Did Race And Religion Affect Society

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Around the years 1650 Great Britain 's North American colonies were racially white, ethnically english and religiously Protestant. Years passed and the 1700s were among us, those colonies changed and had become more diverse. Race, ethnicity and religion affected the society but what really happened in the hundred years that passed to affect the society? Native Americans thought of the natural world filled with spirits. Every object, possessed a voice that if you listened hard enough could be heard. Some other cultures worshiped one supreme being, there were varied names for the being, some called it the “Great Spirit,” or “Great Mystery.” (The Americans) Many societies other had different cultures and religion besides the Native Americans. Take the Europeans for example more specifically England. Religious…show more content…
It resulted in brutal attacks and wars against race. English militiamen and their Indian allies set fire to the Indian wigwams and shot the fleeting survivors. In 1675, Massasoit 's son, Metacom launched a series of attacks and raids against the colonists ' towns. He launched coordinated assaults on English villages. In the end the war caused hundreds of Indians and colonist deaths and towns and villages destroyed. One of the worst attacks was Bacon 's rebellion. About a thousand Virginians broke out of control in 1676 led by Nathaniel Bacon. They resented Berkeley 's friendly policies toward indians (Document B). Chaos swept over the Indians and the rebellion. They went on a rampage and fell murderously upon the Indians. Bacon suddenly dies of disease. Berkeley crushed the rebellion with brutally hanging more than twenty of the rebels (Document B). Later on both Virginia and Maryland employed the “headright” system to encourage the importation of servant workers (Document C). Under its terms,
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