How Did Ralph Able To Build Tension In Lord Of The Flies

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“Me ‘n Simon built the last one over there. That’s why it’s tottery.” (80) Ralph has a meeting to talk about how the group is not doing well. He talks about how he and Simon had to build the shelter for the boys because they had left their jobs to play. The boys weren’t committed with their jobs and that was what made Ralph upset. Ralph was building the shelter for the littluns because they were afraid of the beast. The littluns didn’t even bother to help Ralph build the shelter so he needed to have a meetings for the littluns to not fool around so they could do their work. He shows the group how bad one of the shelters were because there were only two people were working on it. This meeting was suppose to let the group know not to mess around…show more content…
He got upset with them because keeping a fire burning was more important than hunting for pigs. This was more important to their survival because the smoke from the fire was a signal so they could be rescued. Ralph was mad how they hunters weren’t able to keep the fire going when the ship was near since that was an opportunity to get off the island. Ralph believed that if the fire was still burning, the ship would see them and rescue them. “Neither of the boys screamed but the grip of their arms tightened and their mouths grew peaked.” (98) Even though the twins didn’t scream, they were both still scared since they were alone at night. The twins had no idea what the noise was because they missed the battle. They both thought that it was the beast since one of the littluns had claimed that they had seen it before. They were too afraid to explore what it was because they were alone in the dark, watching the fires. They didn’t even bother looking for the beast since they anxious since they believe that the beast is real. They try to warn the group about the strange noise they heard so the group could be more aware about the beast. “‘There was no need! Now there is. Piggy’ll look after them.’”
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