How Did Reagan End The Cold War?

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From 1947-1991 the Cold War lasted between the United States and the Soviet Union. The two Administrations responsible for the victory over the Soviet Union in the Cold War are President Reagan and President Bush. President Reagan started his presidency in 1981, and after all his success while being president, he won re-election in 1985. Now, a key reason why the US remained successful with ending the Cold War after Reagan’s two terms was because in 1990 Reagan’s Vice President George H. W. Bush was elected President. This was a good turnout because Reagan and Bush shared a lot of the same ideas, so Bush was able to just pick up where Reagan left off. When Reagan started in office, he changed things up a little bit after he rejected the idea…show more content…
Bush came into office the first years of his administration were dominated by dramatic changes in the Communist World. Eastern Europe crashes down when the Soviets back out on supporting other Communist governments, like the Satellite Nations. In 1989, Poland falls and Leach takes over, and the next to fall were Hungry, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania. The border between Bulgaria and Austria is now ineffective, and Germany gets reunited in 1990. Soon, after the fall of the satellite nations, the Soviet Union comes to an end. Gorbachev still remained in power as a president instead of a dictator, and Communism was banned from Russia. In 1991 and 1992 Gorbachev and Bush signed START I and START II, which is meant to prevent another arms race between the two countries. The fist decreased the number of warheads to 10,000 and in the next year 3,000. Finally, after these two treaties the Cold War officially ends. The most important event that ended the Cold war was the fall of the Berlin Wall because the Berlin Wall was the symbol of the Communist World. This Wall separated East and West Berlin and the Communists did not let anyone from the East leave the country or they would be killed. When the Wall was taken down it gave the people of East Berlin a sense of freedom they have not had in 20 years of being ruled by Communism. This event is also what lead to the reuniting of Germany, which is something the US wanted to do since the end of World War II. The fall of the Wall is what ended the battle of Communism in Eastern Europe and the US remained the world’s
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