How Did Reconstruction Affect The Civil War

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The Union was victorious in the American Civil War, this had altered the course of history for Americans in the residing in the North and South. The Reconstruction era had lasting effects throughout the two regions as it attempted to discuss the inequities of slavery in the South but also reunited the seceded states. Within the historical timeline, between 1865 through 1898, the differences in political, social, and economic legacies of the North and South is apparent. However, similarities are observed in the migration of oppressed groups during the development of the West. This was possible because of railroad expansion in the North and after the war, the railroad was rapidly expanding in the South and westbound. As the reunited country began to develop a new American pastime was beginning to rise in both cities of the North and the rural South, consumer culture. The North and South started a relationship that exchanged the needed raw material in the South to the developed North and cycled throughout the rest of the country. The impact of the Reconstruction was shared with Americans but was dramatically different in political, social, and economic. However, both the North and South had the same aspirations for development in the West as new opportunities became available. As the railroad connected the two allowing for travel to large cities, giving those who lived in small towns or rural areas a desire to marvel at the innovative technologies and luxuries to purchase. The
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