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Reconstruction happened after the Civil War ended, during 1865-1877. Many things happened during the time of the Reconstruction and it definitely did not do as much for African Americans as everyone thought it would. But they were still free. African American were free because of the 13th Amendment ended, the institution of slavery in the United States. There was no more Abolition towards African Americans, and that means that if African Americans don't want to serve to white people (which they don’t) they will have the power to don't do it, as it said in the 13 Amendment “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States (Doc A) One good thing about been born in the United States is that they become citizen, and it doesn't matter if it was…show more content…
"During Reconstruction, thousands of Africans-Americans were elected to local and state governments throughout the Southerns states". (Doc E) Many African Americans leader during Reconstruction had gained their freedom before the Civil War. “In addition 17 African Americans were elected in the United States congress”. As result African Americans and white Americans stood side by side for the first time in political life. This was a good thing for African Americans because now they don't feel like they were slaves. They finally started feeling free. Fugitive and free Africans Americans came together in national political and state conventions to talk about how they might achieve labor and legal justice at a moment when African Americans rights were constricting. The convention of colored people of Virginia led the African Americans to express their feelings of how they want to be treat it has equal now that they were free. “The laws of the Commonwealth shall give to all men equal protection; that each and every man may appeal to the law for his equal rights without regard to the color of his skin”(Doc
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