How Did Religion In Rome Influence Culture

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Marie Hull
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16 March 2015

How Religion in Rome Influenced the Development of Culture

When most students and even some scholars study history, they view the past as just a series of facts and occurrences. And unfortunately, this is more or less the only way we are able to view history, simply because it has all happened many many years ago. But if we were able to look at history the way we look at our lives today, as not just a series of facts, but as a real era with real, living people, then we can gain an enormous amount of insight into what a certain period in history was truly like. We can begin to view history this way by studying how one event influences another. One incredibly rich and marvelous culture to which you can apply this method of studying history is Rome, and how it 's religion affected the development of culture. Rome was a nation to which religion was immensely important, and it had a very prominent place in society: so much so that it changed the face of the Roman Empire forever. Religion and spirituality in Rome influenced all areas of daily life for Romans, including social, political, economic, and governmental aspects.
One of the most visible ways Rome was affected by religion was in and through society. In Rome, there were many separations between the rich and the poor in society, but religious rituals were one, if not the only thing that tied them together. No matter your social status or personal circumstances,

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