How Did Religion Influence Western Civilization

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Religious Influences Towards Western Civilization Religions influence is a factor that effects most societies and spreads from all over the world creating civilizations and cultures that are still continuously changing today. Religion is one of the factors that has made a significant impact on the development of western civilization as with every worldly society. An example of this impact is in the result of the Crusades, including the duration, greatly affecting the religious influence on the western world socially, politically, and economically. An example of a western civilization that was greatly impacted was Europe with the spread of Christianity because of the Crusades and what that influence caused. A short background about the religious aspects of the crusades is in the initial motivation for them to be executed in the first place. Regarding Christianity, the Crusades were missions that the Christians in Europe took in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries…show more content…
In history, Christians held Muslims to a threatening status before the crusades even began. In fact, the chances that the Christians met Muslims greatly improved their overall idea of them. During the crusades trade wasn’t allowed to be exchanged in fear of the Christians that would be excommunicated for associating with the Islams, even though trade still continued throughout the Crusades regardless. Politically the religious impact from the Crusades was in the massive expenditures that created an overwhelming effect on European politics. The crusades had massive armies that needed to be transported across extensive amounts of land which costed large sums of money. In some instances castles were built for their armies. Economically, the movement of people brought the import of goods to the western world through places like Florence and
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