How Did Richard Nixon Foreign Policy Change

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The Nation was greatly changed by one President that will always be remembered: Richard Nixon. He was a respected President but made some bad decisions during his presidency. He is not the only President that made bad decisions. Every President did, but his decisions changed the way people view the next future ruler and the way people look at politics. Richard Nixon established connections with China and the Soviet Union, but he will always be known for his mistakes during the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal. When Richard Nixon was president he established good connections with China and the Soviet Union. Nixon hated Communism and he was willing to visit China to restore peace. On February 21, 1972 Nixon went to China to make a long lasting relationship with the …show more content…

Nixon wanted to end the war just like every other American. He had many plans for this war and one of them was called Vietnamization. Vietnamization was a policy that would replace U.S. troops with South Vietnamese troops and supply them with supplies and weapons (Rubel 182). It was a way to retreat U.S. troops and end involvement in the war. Even though he ended involvement in the Vietnam War by withdrawing U.S. troops, he decided to bomb enemy forces in Cambodia (Lillegard 71). People were saying that his decision to bomb Cambodia was not ending the war, it was making it worse. Many people protested against Nixon’s decisions during the Vietnam War and it did not end well. At Kent State University four students were killed guardsmen because the were protesting against the Vietnam War. On January 27, 1973 the Paris Peace Accords made an end to the Vietnam War and all U.S. military involvement (“Nixon Declares Vietnam”). North Vietnam ended up winning and the United States and South Vietnam lost. His decisions angered the people of America and it led to an American

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